7 Reasons why you can’t miss the Homecoming Voyage

The Semester at Sea Homecoming Voyage is happening again this year and I’ve been badgering my SAS friends to come. I don’t know everyone and we’re all #millennials so here’s a lil’ Buzzfeed-style listicle you can share with your friends to cajole them into attending. #contentmarketing

#1 Alcohol


Remember how you spent all your time on SAS talking about alcohol? When’s the next pub night? Who snuck booze onto the ship? How did they get it on? There were HOW many people in the drunk tank last port?! blah blah blah.

Well, this time you’re invited to come party on the ship, Party with DJ Leopard and drink as much as you damn well please!

new years eve
Let me see your drink card. Psych! #popbottles

#2 Old Shipmates



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Reconnect with a friend or two. There will be people from your voyage on the ship. They might not have been your best friends or your future bridesmaids but you’ll still have plenty to reminisce about, like meeting Desmond Tutu, or what happened in Mauritius, or Cuba, or when we crossed the ocean…

#3 The crew


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The crew talent show was a performance of a lifetime! #sas #sasfa15 #studyabroad #studyatsea #StaySASsy #SASForever #crew

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Speaking of familiar faces, there’s the crew! Besides the fact that they’re all awesome human beings, a lot of them are lifers. I’ve been back to the ship at least four times since my voyage and it’s amazing how many of the same crewmembers are still with the program. Come and find an old favorite, make friends with your new cabin steward, and of course, there’s going to be a crew talent show!

#4 Old friends you haven’t met yet


You won’t know most of the people on the Homecoming Voyage and that’s a good thing. We’re not trying to recreate the magic of our voyage. We’re here to join with others who had the same life altering experience, celebrate the new year, and support the program. By the end of it, though, these people can almost become as special to you as your shipmates. The connection you share with another SASer isn’t the same as “Oh my gosh you also like drinking beer after doing yoga?” The connection is so deep that you form a bond with new friends very fast.

#5 New Years is already expensive


At the time of writing, the cheapest cabin available is $675 per person. Some of you might think, “Wow that’s a lot of money for one day in Mexico.” Let’s address this first. If the goal was to get to Mexico from San Diego, the SAS Reunion Voyage would rank the least cost effective method besides maybe flying private (Can I get a USD kid to fact check that, please? #jokes). The fact that the ship goes to Ensenada is just because we need some place foreign to park this bad boy. We can’t just go float in the ocean and come back to SD because laws.

The SAS reunion voyage is all about the experience of reconnecting with the most transformative  experience of your life (pre-Trump). You get to do that for five action-packed days, and support the program. That’s good value for money on a regular day, but considering that half of us lose our minds on New Years ($50 cover to get into a bar that normally has $2 beers. wtf is wrong with you people!?) that makes this experience a great New Years Eve value.

#6 Support the cause


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In case you forgot, it’s really ‘spensive to have a cruise ship full of college students that sails around the world almost year-round. There once were some alumni who supported the program so that you could have a Semester at Sea. Now it’s your turn to be one of those alumni.

#7 This is our moment, people


I’m not going to say that this is the last homecoming voyage (although as far as anyone knows, it is. Last chance, people!) but I will say that if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve reached peak SAS reunion. The first couple years after SAS most people are too young and broke to fly to San Diego and do something like this (Although, S18, if you can afford it, I’ll see you on board!). Now most of us have decent jobs and it’s actually feasible for us to make this happen if we want it to. Meanwhile, more and more of you are popping out babies, which means where money used to be the constraint, the practicality of dragging your S.O. and your offspring along with you will start to limit potential turnout. So what do you say? As everyone’s favorite SAS alumnus likes to say, “Let’s hit it!”

DJ Leopard

Click here for the official Reunion Voyage website