Great American Road Trip: Week 4

The last week of my road trip was through the most sparsely populated part of the country. The good thing about that is with less traffic, higher speed limits, and straight, flat roads I was able to cover a lot more ground. The downside is that I was the most nervous being alone during this part of the journey. Back when I was riding through the Northeast there was an exit every couple of miles, each with a service station. If anything happened, I’d have plenty of places to go for help, and if I crashed and couldn’t help myself, there’d be plenty of people around to see it and hopefully assist me.

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Songs from an American Road Trip

Once I made it south of Washington D.C. the traffic calmed down and the road opened up. It was now safe enough for me to stick in my headphones and crank the tunes. Nothing beats having the right soundtrack for your ride. Here are some of the tunes that have been keeping me company mile after mile on my American road trip.

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