January summary

And just like that, we’re more than a month into 2019. How about that? No more happy new year!

What did I accomplish this month

The highlight of the month was speaking at the American Hostel Conference. This was my first time speaking at a professional conference so I spent countless hours preparing, but it paid off. I got some great feedback afterwards and a few sales leads too.

February’s arrival also means I’ve spent one month tobacco free. My goal is to be tobacco free for life so this is kind of a funny goal because I can never really tick it off as completed, I can only fail at it.

Book of the month

This book called out to me because of the cover art, but I’m actually very glad I picked it up. Very entertaining essays about being in love. Made me feel a bit better about my own heartbreak and excited to see what stories I might accumulate for myself now that I’m single. Davy’s stories take place in the time of cell phones but pre-smartphones and social media. Definitely no Tinder. Part of me wonders if you can have the same type of tales of meeting women and falling in love in the swipe-left swipe-right age.

Progress towards Q1 goal

My goal for the first quarter is to find the right job for me. I’m excited to say that right now I’m interviewing with three different companies in my field. My hope is that by the end of the month I’ll have an offer at one of them. Solid progress.

Goals for February

  • Lock down a job in my field
  • Another month tobacco free
  • Read at least one book

Yep, as I stated at the beginning of the year, until I get the job figured out, I’m not going to do much goal setting in other elements of my life.

2019 Q1 goals

I first started taking New Years resolutions seriously in December of 2015. That time in my life is when I felt my personal “rock bottom.” I was working as a temp. It was my job to take a big stack of paper checks, and type how much each one was written for into an Excel spreadsheet. I was a glorified, human scanner. I worked my ass off in college to graduate in the top 5% of my class. How did I end up here?

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What my break-up can teach you about the magic of hostels

Dumped unceremoniously.  I was alone on a train from Lisbon to Porto when my six-year relationship reached its final stop. I wished I could be underneath the wheels of the train in that moment. However, the universe gave me a helping hand, and I reached for it. Sitting in front of me there was a young German guy. I could see through the space between the seats that he was on Hostelworld’s app, looking at hostels in Porto. “I’m going to a great place in Porto called Wine Hostel. You should check it out,” I said. He nodded and swiped to their profile. He checked out their photos and prices and decided to book it.

This is a story about something totally ordinary for hostels. Millions of travelers around the world have stories just like mine. But for those that don’t frequent hostels, the tale of finding human connection demonstrates why hostels are magical and the world is a better place because of them.

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