2019 Q1 Review

group ride

And just like that, 2019 is already a quarter of the way through! Time to look back and see how it’s going so far.

GOALS FOR Q1 2019:

So, my goal for Q1 of 2019 is that by the end of it, I want to be in a job that:

  • Supports my livelihood
  • Puts me in a position to help the hostel industry succeed
  • Gives me a challenge that I find mentally stimulating
  • Allows me to continue my work on American Hostels

Ideally that job will be in San Diego. I’ve realized that it doesn’t necessarily have to be directly working for a hostel. There are companies that work with hostels (Online travel agencies, tour organizers, technology providers) and it’d be beneficial to learn about their business models too. By not limiting the search strictly to the half dozen decent hostels in San Diego I definitely increase the chances of me sticking around. However, if things don’t pan out here in America’s Finest City, then I’ll pack Ruby Tuesday up and leave again by the time Spring comes. I love it here but I’m not going to settle again and do a job I don’t care about just because it’s what’s available.

I’m very excited to say that I accomplished this goal AND the bonus goal. I am beginning a new job next week as a Market Manager for Cloudbeds!

This job definitely ticks all the boxes that I hoped for, and then some! First off, what’s Cloudbeds? They make software that small and medium sized lodging operators (including hostels but not just hostels) use to manage everything (Ask me again in a few months and I’m sure I’ll have a more eloquent, nuanced answer). Currently they’re growing really fast and hiring many new people around the world.

Cloudbeds biggest selling point when it comes to their recruitment efforts is their #remotefirst philosophy. The company is headquartered here in San Diego but I can just as easily hit the road and work remotely. As a Market Manager, I will be introducing Cloudbeds to new properties here in the US (aka working in sales). I hope that this will enable me to meet every hostel in America over time, but I’ll also be broadening my horizons as Cloudbeds is definitely not just for hostels. It’s going to be a challenging job but I’m very excited to lean into the challenge.

What else happened in Q1?

There are lots of other fun goals I’d like to set for myself. I’d like to spend more time riding my motorcycle, more time working out, more time practicing my Spanish, but these are side-goals, and until I get my house in order, I’m sidelining them and focusing on doing whatever it takes to find my place in the sun.

Okay, let’s start by saying that unless listening to Chantaje on repeat counts, I have not practiced my Spanish so far this year.


group ride

Fortunately I’ve been able to make progress on this side goal! San Diego is a motorcycle paradise for 3 reasons:

  • Great weather for riding most of the time
  • Lane splitting is legal in California
  • Lots of deserted country roads only half an hour out of San Diego’s urban center

I’ve been on a mission to meet as many fellow riders as possible, particularly ones around the same age. I’ve gradually been making more contacts. We jokingly call our motley crew of motorcycles the Pacific Beach Motorcycle Club. It’s a pretty unusual sight because bikers typically gather with people that ride the same type of bike (cruisers with cruisers, sport bikes with sport bikes) but our variety group runs the gamut, united by a youthful sense of adventure! Maybe in the next 3 months we can make stickers or t-shirts.

Working out

I’ve been running regularly on the beach. It’s felt great because the sand is so much more forgiving on your legs than hard pavement. Running has been a great stress reliever and combined with the fact I quit smoking, I’ve gotten really fast! My latest PR is 3.5 miles at a pace of 7:07 per mile. My goal is to get it down to a 6 minute pace, so let’s hope for a pace of 6:30 by the end of Q2. Not sure if I can reach it, but we’ll see. I certainly never imagined I’d run a mile in 6 minutes 21 seconds but here I am doing just that.

Now that I know I’ll be sticking around for a while, I’ve invested in a gym membership. I don’t need to lose any weight because I’m already looking pretty skinny. Instead my goal is to gain weight. I’m currently 150 lbs. Let’s make the goal to be 160 lbs by the end of the quarter

Other Q1 happenings

This quarter I’ve made a variety of new friends in San Diego. The weather is getting better and I’m fully committed to living in San Diego, so hopefully this will only continue. My only concern is that this next quarter I’ll be very focused on starting strong at Cloudbeds. I hope that I can enjoy a great work-life balance but for my first couple of months on the job, getting up and running at Cloudbeds will definitely take priority over social functions.

Goals for Q2

Make myself at home

When I first got to San Diego I found a great apartment right near the beach that was already furnished and didn’t require a long term commitment. I’m very happy with the location, the rent is affordable, and I get along well with my roommates so I don’t think I’ll be leaving anytime soon. That being said, this quarter I’m going to take time to make it feel like home. In Q1 I thought I might be packing up and leaving San Diego for a job in another city so I didn’t make much effort. This quarter I’m hoping to upgrade the digs.

  • Meeting or exceeding expectations at Cloudbeds
  • Continue to grow PBMC. Group rides at least every other week.
  • Weigh 160 lbs or more
  • Run 3.5 miles at a pace of 6:30 per mile.
  • Set up room (new furniture, decor, minor repairs possibly)
  • Get 10 more hostels to join American Hostels (40 members by Q3)

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